Blender Problem: Hair Emitter on the Wrong Side of my Object

So, I was working on a nice heart-shaped carpet in Blender, and to make it fuzzy, I want to apply Particle Properties to it. The Hair Emitter, to be exact. To make sure only the top of my carpet gets the fuzz, I first selected all faces and assigned them to a Vertex Group under Object Data Properties.

I went ahead and enabled the Particle System (Hair) and… it’s on the wrong side! :( And yes, I did assign all properties to the Vertex Group I made. It didn’t help.

Well, luckily I was able to quickly find out how to solve this problem in Blender. I had a feeling it had something to do with the normals, and yep…

Problem? Solution!

Go into Edit Mode -> Select All -> press Shift+N on your keyboard to recalculate the normals. That should fix the issue!

Mari's Note

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