Blender Problem: More Particles in Render than in Viewport

Blender: More Particles shown in Render than in Viewport

So I was working on this model of a pudding in Blender, and decided to add some sprinkles on top. I mean, why not, right? Then I decided to render the image, and I noticed more particles in render being displayed compared to what I was seeing in the viewport.

Luckily, this issue of too many particles showing up in my render was easy to solve and I want to share the solution with you!

More Particles in Render than in Viewport

To fix the problem, go to your Particle Properties settings and scroll down to “Children”. Here, I’ve set Children to Interpolated and chose setting “2”. However, as you can see, right under it, it says “Render amount: 100”. That’s the issue! :-) Change the “Render amount” to match the same number as your “Display amount” and your problem is solved!

If you rendered your particles in the same way as I did, this may exactly be the cause of your issue of more particles in render than in viewport being displayed.

Thank you for checking my quick guide. Hope it helps!

Watch the Video

Do you also have this problem of more particles in render than in viewport? I also recorded the process for this Blender problem! So if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix for this issue, check out my video below. I quickly and easily show you where you need to change the setting that is causing this particular issue. For the record, I am using Blender 3.5. Good luck fixing your particles problem!

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