Blender Problem: Scaling Multiple Objects Into Different Directions!

I made a bowl of lemons in Blender 3.5. I then copied it into a new scene and wanted to scale it all down – the bowl and the lemons combined. That’s when I ran into this problem: After selecting all objects, each object seemed to be scaling down separately, as opposed to everything as a whole.

I didn’t understand why this happened. Since I had been playing around with physics properties, I figured I overlooked something and fixed the problem with an Empty.

Solution: Using an Empty for Scaling

In Blender, if you are trying to scale a group of objects but they are scaling down individually instead of as a whole, you can easily fix this with an Empty. This is how you do it:

  • In Object Mode, press Shift+A and choose Empty -> Plain Axis.
  • Select all the objects that you want to scale together and then select the Empty last.
  • Press Ctrl+P to make the empty object the Parent of the other objects.
  • Select the Empty (Plain Axis) and scale it as you wish. The other objects will scale along.
  • Press Ctrl+A to apply the scale to the empty object.
  • Select all the objects except the Plain Axis and press Alt+P to clear the parent relationship. The objects will keep their scaled size.

Solution: Scaling based on Pivot Point

Now, after the bowl of lemons, I copied a stack of cups to my scene. Upon trying to scale them down, I ran into the same problem! Again, each cup was being scaled down individually, as opposed to the entire stack evenly scaling down.

This time, I didn’t feel like using an Empty. It had to do with my scene setup, so I had a look around. And I found the solution for my Blender problem!

The Transform Pivot Point was set to Individual Origin. This should be set to Median Point. (See image above.)

A small thing that I overlooked, but this was the best solution!

Mari's Note

Thank you for checking out my Blender Note! I am by all means a beginner in Blender, so I do not feel qualified to label this post as a 'tip' or 'tutorial'. However, I decided to upload this note for myself, and hopefully it can be useful to others as well.

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