Blender Problem: Shade Smooth made my Mesh Ugly

So you’ve been working on your object nicely and then you decide it’s time to go to Object -> Shade Smooth. What happened? Shade smooth made my mesh ugly! As seem in the image above, applying shade smooth gave your object these dark colors. What is going on?

Very simple, luckily! It appears there is a problem with your normals. This is how you solve the problem: Please go into Edit Mode -> Mesh -> Recalculate Outside (you can also press Shift+N on the keyboard). This will fix the situation and now you can continue! :D

Mari's Note

Thank you for checking out my Blender Note! I am by all means a beginner in Blender, so I do not feel qualified to label this post as a 'tip' or 'tutorial'. However, I decided to upload this note for myself, and hopefully it can be useful to others as well.

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