Caelestis Fox by ImazArtz

Caelestis Fox art by ImazArtz

On May 12th of 2023, ImazArtz held a birthday raffle over on Twitter and I participated. The prize would be either a lined halfbody or stylized fullbody.

I was super surprised and excited to find out that I won the raffle! I asked for art of my SylverFox.NET Caelestis Fox, the grown up version with wings. The art came out amazing! I am especially impressed with the amount of detail that went into the fur, but I love the wings and background as well!

Not having been able to work on SylverFox.NET since 2014, it brings me great joy to see art of my lovely Caelestis fox. The mountains in the background are also a great detail and really perfectly demonstrate the Caelestis’ living area.

More works by ImazArtz

I asked for permission to post just a few examples of the cute art ImazArtz makes of Pokemon and furry friends. These three pieces in particularly give me a great smile on my face when I look at them. >3<

Artwork by ImazArtz

Artwork by ImazArtz

Artwork by ImazArtz

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ImazArtz has a wonderful, detailed style you can’t help but love. Moreover if you like cute animals or Pokemon, ImazArtz has you covered! She draws a huge variety of Pokemon and furries, each and every picture being stunning without fail. It will certainly make your day to go through her gallery – so why not go ahead give her a follow?!

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