Can’t Save Images in GIMP: Permission Denied (SOLVED)

Problem saving images in GIMP: Permission Denied

So I ran into an annoying little problem in GIMP where I could suddenly not save images into certain folders. I noticed it does work in some folders, but not the folders where I wanted to have my images, even on my Desktop!

GIMP doesn't let me save images permission denied

The problem completely stumped me and it took me repeated searches across the internet for a solution, unable to find one.

According to GIMP, the program does not have writing permission for the folder the file is in. The error message reads: GIMP: Saving (image) failed. Could not open (path) for writing: Permission denied. Now, this shouldn’t make any sense because other programs can save into such folders just fine.

So what is it then?

The Culprit:

Avast Free Antivirus.

I disabled the Shields temporarily and GIMP then saved just fine into the folders I wanted.

Help GIMP permission denied saving pictures

So if you’re also struggling with being unable to save images in GIMP due to error message ‘Permission denied’, try temporarily disabling your antivirus to see if it helps.

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