Cat Toy Review: Colorful Springs

I have two indoor cats, Tommy (12) and Ricky (4), also commonly referred to as the Backyard Cats. The name Backyard Cats stems from the fact that we used to live in The Netherlands, where the cats had access to a large, fenced off backyard for their entire lives, up to the point when we were forced to move out and look for a new home. Of course the goal is to find them a new home with a backyard, but for now they must remain indoors and for that reason, they need some additional entertainment! I purchased a couple of cat toys and today I will be reviewing the colorful springs cat toy.

Colorful Springs Cat Toy Review

Today I will be reviewing Colorful Springs, also referred to as spiral cat toy. An interactive cat toy, especially designed to entertain indoor cats. Of course this cat toy might entertain your outdoor cat as well. :-)

These cat springs come in the colors blue, orange-yellow, green and hotpink. Very aesthetically pleasing.

The spirals are 4.5 cm / 1.8 inch by 2.5 cm / 1 inch. Upon arrival, they were bigger than what I initially expected. Which is a good thing! It looks like these cat toys won’t be getting lost so easily under furniture, such as the couch, cabinets and closets.

Moreover, the springs are not flimsy. They are semi-bouncy. They do require to be thrown or tapped by the cat to move around.

All in all, the positives:

  • Bigger than expected
  • Great colors
  • Springy
  • Don’t get lost under furniture easily
  • Not flimsy

What Do the Cats Think?

I’ve talked about what I think of the cat toy, let’s talk about the reaction of the cats. Well, I first introduced the cat spring toys in the morning, right after the package arrived. The response was… lukewarm.

So far I haven’t been able to get the cats to become interests in the springs. They do like to watch as I toss them, but that’s not really the idea. I wanted the cats to enjoy playing amongst themselves, after all.

It is currently very warm, so maybe their interest in the toys will develop at a later time.

Is the Price for the Colorful Springs Fair?

I paid 10 Euros (10.74 USD) for a pack of 100 colorful springs. In all honesty, I think this is quite a steep price for just a bunch of plastic springs. Then again, in the end, it’s only 10 cents per spiral. I could have bought a smaller pack, but the price per spring was the lowest at a pack of 100 springs. And I figured they would get lost, so the more colorful springs I would have, the more chance the cats would bump into them and start playing with them.

If your cat ends up loving the colorful springs, I would say this cat toy does fit into the category of budget cat toys, though. They can potentially provide your cat with hours of entertainment. That makes the 10 Euros worth it. But there’s only one way to find out. :-)

Watch the Video!

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