Celebrating New Year Differently

Memories: fireworks of my brother back in The Netherlands

A stack of fireworks standing in the hallway. My brother always bought a bunch of fireworks and lit it off in the street for us (me and our parents) to watch and enjoy.

It’s New Year’s eve and today I will be celebrating New Year without my parents for the first time.

It’s a tough day for missing loved ones, much like Christmas as well as my birthday this month.

Not alone will I not be celebrating with my family in The Netherlands, I am now in Bucharest, Romania. In fact, it will be new year an hour earlier than I’m used to in The Netherlands.

Memories: watching people making fires through our decorated Christmas window

Watching people light off fireworks and creating fires through our beautifully decorated Christmas window. Mom always made sure the decorations were festive.

In my heart, I know it won’t really feel like New Year yet until the clock strikes twelve in The Netherlands. But I think that is something that will only matter to me once.

Celebrating New Year: What’s different?

In The Netherlands, everyone always starts lighting off fireworks as soon as it goes on sale 3 days before New Year. Here in Bucharest, I hardly hear or see any fireworks, although it’s getting a bit louder as it gets later in the evening.

I know the cats prefer it this way. :)

I’m actually not familiar with what is typically done or eaten to celebrate the new year in Bucharest. I do hear loud music occasionally.

In The Netherlands, I would be having left over snacks, cookies and chocolates from Christmas. And of course oliebollen.

To celebrate together with my boyfriend, I bought some special cheeses and a dessert. Plus, we ordered out yesterday.

It’s going to feel a little bit different this time.

Memories: the street bright red from fireworks

Once, our street was glowing red from the fireworks. A firetruck actually came by, but did nothing. All was fine and under control.

We will continue finding our path and our place in the new year of 2024.

May it be a good year for all of us.

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