Cleaning out my closet

Look at this cute mouse wallpaper I have in the closet of my childhood bedroom! When I look at it, I smile.

I will not be able to save it, I mean, I’m not going to bother trying to scrape it off and bring a piece that wouldn’t rip as I try to pull it off.

Instead, I took a few photos to keep for myself, and I am more than happy to share my childhood memories with you!

The cute mouse wallpaper has been there in my closet for around 30 years. I was just a little kid when my parents decorated my bedroom and (probably with my help) chose this wallpaper of a couple of cute mice holding and playing with balloons.

I was instructed to NOT scratch over the ribbed wallpaper with my nails, but being a kid I couldn’t resist to do just that a couple of times. XD

Shelf with stickers

Then in the 90s, stickers were extremely popular! Well, at least with me. I pasted stickers in many places, including my closet door. Sadly I have no pictures of that – there were so many Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls stickers you wouldn’t believe it! (Yeah, I grew up watching MTV Europe. Thomas Madvig, Cat Deeley, Ulrika Eriksson, Eden Harel, anyone?)

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