CubeCart: Where to Set Shipping Rates

Where to set shipping rates in CubeCart

I, for the life of me, couldn’t find the section in CubeCart anymore where you set the shipping options and rates.

I know it is there – I mean, I added shipping rates before! But I don’t use CubeCart a lot yet, so I forgot again where it was.

Google Searches didn’t help me – all websites that dealt with shipping info were working with older versions of CubeCart, and I am using the latest: 6.5.1. It looks completely different.

So, after about an hour of clicking around in the admin panel, I found it! Now, I’m sure I’ll forget again in the future, so I made this post as a reminder for myself. But just in case you also lost where you set your shipping rates, this might help you out!

How to add shipping costs in Cubecart

Go to Manage Extensions and click on “All in One Shipping” under “Available Extensions”. This will bring you to the page where you can setup your shipping costs in Cubecart 6.5.1!

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