Cute Card Game: Nostalgic Verkade Card Game of Quartets

Have you seen the nostalgic Verkade Card Game of Quartets before? It is an awesome journey back in time. This Verkade card game features iconic Verkade products such as lady fingers, tea biscuits, drop toffee, and chocolate bars.

Picture a cozy scene with a pot of tea, a flickering tealight, biscuits on the table, and the comforting warmth of a lit stove. Play the Verkade quartets game with friends or family for a blend of nostalgia and entertainment!

I think the art of this game of quartets is very lovely. Plus, I know the products of Verkade are delicious!

In fact… About 25 years ago, they had an item called “chocolade dromen” (chocolate dreams). They were round biscuits with delicious soft chocolate on them. Sadly, I’ve never been able to find them again. :( In fact, I can’t even find a picture of this item anywhere!

Contrary to what you may think, the card game is actually not worth a lot. These sets are for sale on Dutch websites for around 15 euros. Perhaps they’ll be worth more in the future, but I don’t plan on selling this set!

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