Let’s Review This Adorable Pink Mini Thermal Printer

Cute Pink Cat Mini Thermal Printer

Look at this! A cute and small, pocket-sized mini thermal printer that fits in your hand! And it looks like a pink kitty. What’s not to love?

You can easily carry this cute little mini thermal printer around and print pictures on demand because this handy little device that doesn’t require any ink: it uses heat instead!


Paper Type: Thermal Paper
Connection: BT/USB
Input: 5V,2A
Battery: Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable
Paper Width: 57mm
Roll Diameter: 30mm
Device Size: 110 x 80 x 30 millimeters

Charging the pink mini thermal printer

Getting Started with the Pink Mini Thermal Printer with a Cute Cat Face

After taking it out of the box, the pink mini thermal printer must first be charged, according to the instructions that are delivered in English and Chinese.

It’s easy to charge the mini printer with the supplied USB cable. You can charge it via a laptop or PC or using a mobile phone charger in an outlet.

How to Use the Mini Thermal Printer for Printing (It’s Easy!)

While charging the mini printer, I looked for the iPrint app in the Google Play Store and installed it. This app is required to give the instructions to the mini thermal printer to print something. The instructions are sent via bluetooth.

To pair the mini thermal printer with the app on your phone, simply turn it on and make sure you’re in the area when you connect the device via the iPrint App.

Cute Pink Mini Thermal Printer

Print result

This cute mini thermal printer does not print in color and you can’t definitely can’t speak of a high quality result, but I personally think that these mini photos are nice to look at. The prints that a thermal printer offer have a certain charm to them

Seeing as this printing device is easy to carry everywhere you go, it’s simple to print out little pictures on the spot wherever you are and you can hand out these small memories to friends or colleagues.

Note: Pictures basically come out upside down from the mini thermal printer, but you can rotate them within the app before you press Print.

Picture of Ricky printed with the Thermal Printer:

Black and White Thermal Printed Image


We already established that the pictures are small, black and white and not of high quality, but what’s unfortunate is that your memories will likely fade over time, much like the text on the receipt from the grocery store.

If you’re as excited about using this cute little mini printer as I am, though, that won’t stop you from being creative with this mini thermal printer!

Cute Pink Cat Mini Thermal Printer

Mini Thermal Printer Video Demonstration

I recorded the unboxing of this cute little mini thermal printer! In this video below, I will show you all the details of this handy little printing device, from start to finish. It also demonstrates how to print using this thermal printer.

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