Cute Pokemon Calculators (Pikachu and Clefairy)

Pikachu calculator

When Pokemon came out in The Netherlands, I was 13 years old. I randomly stumbled upon the episode where Ash catches Caterpie and kept watching from then on. I – ahem – became a bit of a fan of the series. ^_^; As a result, I have a lot of Pokemon items, such as these cute Pokemon calculators! One of Pikachu and one of Clefairy.

Kawaii Pokemon calculators

If I remember correctly, these Pokemon calculators come from The United States. I once found a little web shop of someone who traveled to the US, purchased Pokemon items and sold them when she came back to The Netherlands. The prices were actually quite steep, but being quite the obsessed fan at the time, I spent quite a bit of my savings on Pokemon related items. Luckily, items like this last quite a life time! So I guess you could say I got my money’s worth, in a way. ^_^;

Cute Pokemon calculators

Well, I certainly don’t regret these purchases! I mean, it’s not like I could afford to buy a house now if I hadn’t spend the money on them. <_<

Clefairy calculator

If you love Pokemon and you love the kawaii lifestyle, these cute Pokemon calculators sure make a nice addition to your current collection!

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