Ddung Dolls: Cute Korean Dolls

Korean Ddung Dolls

A couple of years ago, I found these cute dolls for sale on eBay. They were called ”Ddung dolls”. At the time I didn’t know what Ddung dolls were, but I did like how they looked, so I purchased them.

A week or two later, they arrived at my home. One of the dolls has brown hair and is wearing a super cute pink outfit with white fuzz. Her hat has bunny ears with a black dots pattern inside of them.

The other girl has darker hair and is wearing a very pretty red outfit, with black flowers on the skirt, a big red flower on the chest and studs on the headwear.

In this photo, they are posed with two cat keychains that I also purchased from eBay. In fact, I have a whole army of cat keychains! xD

What Are Ddung Dolls?

Ddung dolls are a type of collectible doll from Korea. They are known for their cute and child-like appearance. The word “ddung” is derived from the Korean word “뚱” (pronounced “doong”), which means chubby or plump. Korean Ddung dolls are characterized by their round faces, large eyes, and small bodies.

These dolls come with various outfits. They have gained popularity not only in Korea but also internationally among doll enthusiasts and collectors.

The Ddung brand was established in 2003 by Designseol. They have created several doll lines in Korea, but the Ddung line is by far the most successful. In addition to the dolls, there are also related products, such as clothes, stationary, cosmetics, bags, books and more.

Ddung Dolls for a Kawaii Lifestyle

Making some small changes can really add to your overall kawaii lifestyle experience.

Place the dolls properly

Although the term kawaii is Japanese, there is nothing stopping you from incorporating ddung dolls into your lifestyle to add a touch of kawaii! You can place these dolls on shelves, on your desk next to your computer or on your bedside table to add a touch of playfulness to your room.

Additionally, you can arrange them in cute poses or group them with other kawaii items like plush toys, pastel-colored decor, or fairy lights.

Use them as accessories

The smaller ddung dolls are especially suitable for carrying around as accessories. You can attach them to your bag, purse or wallet as kawaii charms that you carry with you everywhere you go.

Print it yourself

If you have a mini thermal printer, you can customize and print out Ddung doll related images and glue or stick them (if you printed on a sticker roll) onto your phone case, text books, sticky notes etc.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the key to a kawaii lifestyle is to embrace cute and charming elements that bring joy and positivity to your surroundings. Be creative and have fun integrating ddung dolls into different aspects of your daily life!

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