Digital Nomad with Cats in Pictures (Photo Blog)

As of October 15, 2023, I’ve become a digital nomad with cats, traveling through Eastern Europe. Not necessarily by choice, more by circumstances. Although my plan was originally to go to The Philippines, seeing as it is more difficult to travel with cats, I decided I wanted to see a bit of Eastern Europe first.

My journey started in Bucharest, Romania, and now I’m in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Tommy checking out the snow from our window in a Bucharest Airbnb

Traveling with Cats is Not Cheap, Nor Easy

You need to know the import requirements of the country you’re going to, and it can take many stressful hours to figure out what your cat needs in order to be allowed into the country.

Besides the cost of flying with cats, finding an Airbnb that allows cats is also quite a challenge. Your options will be limited, and you will likely end up with the more expensive Airbnbs in the area where you want to be.

Now, living in an Airbnb is just a temporary solution of course. I’m actively looking for long term rent. Unfortunately, it seems like the amount of apartments that allow pets in Ruse, Bulgaria is extremely limited. So this adds another challenge factor to the whole situation of being a digital nomad with cats.

Ricky checking out the snow from our window in a Bucharest Airbnb

This means that I’ll be taking a financial hit until I’m able to significantly drive down my living expenses through renting an apartment long term.

Cats in Airbnbs

On a positive note, I’m surprised and pleased by how well Tommy and Ricky are able to adjust to a new location! We’ve relocated twice now, and they certainly dislike traveling. And it takes a sec for them to get used to a new place, but so far they’re adapting quickly! In fact, they adapted quicker in Ruse than in Bucharest. It’s kind of like they’ve come to terms with their transient life.

“Oh, I see, we’re in a new place again. That’s fine.”

Initially, I was scared they would develop behavioral problems. Or couldn’t get used to the new situation. But they settled quikcly. I mean, I’m making sure of course that they get loads of attention. And having me and my partner around for some familiarity and familiar smells work wonders without a doubt.

In fact, you see Tommy in this chair here? When I saw it on the pictures, I knew it was an ideal chair for the cats! But they didn’t sleep in it until after I sat in it.

It must’ve been because I left my scent behind and that made them feel comfortable.

Anyway, I just had to include this last pic! It’s too bad there’s a reflection of my phone but I thought this picture of Tommy looked super cute!

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering: Tommy and Ricky, our Backyard Cats, are 12 (Tommy) and 3 (Ricky) years old. Up until October last year, they only knew the home in The Netherlands. No traveling experience whatsoever. So if you’re wondering whether an older cat can accompany you on your digital nomad adventures – yes!

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