Döner Box: Bucharest vs Rotterdam

Should it not yet be known: I LOVE döner. In The Netherlands, I fell in love with the concept of “kapsalon” from the moment I tasted it. During my stay here in Romania, I tried a döner box in Bucharest.

In fact, I was surprised to find one here! I ordered it immediately to try out. :-)

Doner box Rotterdam

A Dutch döner box consists of slices of doner meat (chicken, beef or porc), mixed in with fries, garlic sauce and vegetables on top. These vegetables are usually raw onion, ice berg lettuce, white cabbage, red cabbage and tomato pieces. Unlike a kapsalon, a doner box usually does not contain cheese.

The price of a döner box in The Netherlands is currently 7-9 euros.

Döner box Bucharest

The döner box that I ordered in Romania is similar, but definitely not the same! This doner box also contained slices of doner meat (I always choose chicken), mixed in with fries. I chose a garlic mayonaise and yoghurt sauce for my box, but I did not really taste the garlic unfortunately.

The fries inside the döner box were delicious, although I wish there were some more of them.

As for the vegetables, I chose lettuce, onion, pickles and jalapeno pepper slices.

I’ll be honest, choosing the pickles was a mistake. There were so many of them in there, the taste was overwhelming. So I removed some.

Having said all this, I absolutely loved it and would definitely order it again! Just without the pickles.

The price of the döner box in Romania was on sale for 4 euros, normally € 5.65. All in all, a great deal.

Döner box at Has Salon Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Eating out in Bucharest

We haven’t eaten out at all yet actually here in Romania. Unfortunately due to some health issues, we were unable to go outside for some time. Luckily there is this thing called “delivery”. We browsed through the Glovo app to see what’s available for ordering and that’s how we discovered the döner box.

Of course that wasn’t the only item we ordered – we each picked one item and shared a third.

Some places in Bucharest are really affordable for ordering takeout, this contrary to Rotterdam. The döner box Bucharest certainly did not disappoint.

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