Duckies Quartets Game (The Netherlands, 1998)

Donald Duck Duckies Kwartetspel from the 90s

The Duckies kwartetspel (quartets card game) was released in The Netherlands in 1998. It is a Donald Duck themed quartets card game. The goal is to collect sets of four cards.

If I remember correctly, this game of quartets was part of the Donald Duck magazine back in the day. But sadly, I’m not entirely sure how it was obtained. I just really like nostalgic items and found this while going through my belongings as I separated and prepared my stuff for either throwaway or send off to The Philippines.

Donald Duck Duckies Kwartetspel from the 90s

A new Donald Duck game of quartets can be bought from the online Donald Duck shop for around 10 euros in The Netherlands. But a new game doesn’t evoke the same nostalgic feelings as a collection of cards from the 90s. :)

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