Fast Food Vending Machines in the Netherlands

Fast food vending machine from Smullers in the Netherlands

A fast food vending machine at The Hague Central train station.

Although these vending machines were a lot more common in the past, you can still find these fast food machines in many places in the Netherlands. Allowing you to take out a hot snack or burger, it is my experience that these food vending machines can mostly be found at train stations in the Netherlands, as well as at certain well-known fast food places (also called a ‘snackbar’ in Dutch), such as FEBO and Smullers.

Fast food vending machine at The Hague Central, the Netherlands

For little over one euro, you can typically get at least a small snack such as a frikandel, kipcorn or kroket. New fast food items are manually placed inside the vending machines throughout the day. The snacks are kept warm until a hungry customers comes by and releases the tasty snack from its cozy glass chamber by inserting a few euro coins, or by using a pay card.

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