Finding an Apartment in Bulgaria: Ruse (Successful!)

Finding an apartment in Bulgaria was not easy.

In fact, it seemed almost impossible at first, but we found an apartment in Ruse! So it looks like we’ll be staying in Bulgaria a little longer. :-)

We found ourselves a cozy little 3-room apartment (one living room, two bedrooms) in a small apartment complex near the center of Ruse. Quite a good location, actually. Within walking distance to shops and supermarkets.

Finding an apartment in Bulgaria turned out to be more difficult than expected, though, as most apartment rentals are listed as “no pets allowed”. Furthermore, communication is a problem as, so far, only very very few people seem to speak English. As a result, some agents refused to deal with us as English speakers.

As for the no pets allowed problem in Bulgaria, luckily an additional deposit fixed that for us.

The cats have access to a lovely patio with grass mat to give them a bit of an “outdoor” feeling. And we bought a nicely sized scratch post from the nearest Kaufland for them!

We’re not sure yet how long we will be staying in Ruse or Bulgaria, but for now, this place will allow us to calm down for a second and process everything that’s been happening in the recent years.

We do not have an internet connection in the home yet; I am currently on a mobile plan with 15 GB of data. So I will not be able to update as frequently until we got that arranged (uploading photos take up a lot of MBs after all).

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