Fix Wacom Bamboo Tablet Stabilizer in Paint Tool Sai

I switched to a different Wacom Bamboo Tablet (MTE-450) which should be making use of the same driver as my previous tablet, and although the stabilizer worked in programs such as FireAlpaca and Krita, it did not work in Paint Tool Sai. This problem kept me busy for quite a bit of time, as I tried things like restarting Sai, restarting the computer, reinstalling the driver software etcetera, with no luck. Until I found something that actually worked.

Windows 7 Wacom Tablet SAI Stabilizer Fix

First of all, I’m using a laptop that’s running Windows 7. I do not for sure whether this would work in other operating systems, but it’s worth a shot! :)

I first searched for ‘Wacom’ in my Windows start menu (press Start or your Windows key on your keyboard). Here, I found the following options:

I clicked on Wacom Preference File Utility, which brought me to the next screen:

Here, I clicked Remove under Preferences. That did the trick.

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