Free Printables: Kawaii Postive Reminders

I have created five A4 pages with four positive reminders each in printable form on A5 pages. These free printables are on colorful pastel pages, with each positive reminder in the middle of the A5 page.

If you print out these A4 pages, you will be able to get four A5 pages by cutting the papers equally horizontally and vertically, along the divider lines.

The 20 positive reminders are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and help remind you of how far you’ve come in life, and what makes you special.

Hang up these free printables near your mirror, on your bedroom wall, next to your computer, in your kicthen, in your hallway etc. I hope these positive reminders will make you smile and feel reinvigorated every time you look at them!

Go to my Ko-fi page to download them for free!

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