Free Splatoon Icons (9 Cute and Colorful Squids!)

I made these Splatoon Squid icons in various colors and sizes! They all have a transparent background, you can use them as you please!

In total, there are 9 squids: pink, orange, red, green, yellow, blue, white, cyan and black.

I made these Splatoon icons available in the following sizes:

– 112×112
– 72×72
– 56×56
– 36×36
– 18×18

Oh and I forgot to mention: You can download this Splatoon Icons pack for free!

About Splatoon

If you’re not familiar with Splatoon, it’s a popular Nintendo game! In this game, squids, which are the main characters known as Inklings, can have different colors. In the first Splatoon game, this depends on which team you’re in. You will always battle a team with a different color, such as yellow versus blue or pink versus orange. This game mode is called ‘Turf War. In this multiplayer game mode, two teams of Inklings compete to cover the largest area of the map with their team’s ink. The goal is not to eliminate opponents but to claim territory by covering it with your team’s colored ink. Of course, it does help to get your enemies off of the field. They will respawn, of course. The various Splatoon games offer a ton of game modes and countless hours of fun. If you haven’t tried this game yet, you should!

How to use these Splatoon Icons

These icons can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Discord emotes
  • Twitch Badges
  • Custom website avatar
  • Social media profile icon
  • Forum signatures
  • >Custom graphics
  • …and anything else you can think of!

Download free Splatoon icons

You can download these Splatoon icons for free from my Ko-Fi page!

So, if you’re into making your Twitch channel more awesome with some Splatoon Squid Icons, these are for you! Wanna add some spark to your Discord server? Or just add a touch of Squid to your online presence? These colorful and cute Splatoon Icons will help you achieve that! Download them for free and make your online space a cooler place!

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