Free Sprigatito Emotes (F2U)

Pixel art Sprigatito emotes for you to download for free. ^_^ I made these Sprigatito emotes in MS Paint and made them available in two sizes: 112×112 px and 145×145 px. There are six different emotes. Feel free to edit them to your needs. The images are transparent png files.

You can use these Sprigatito emotes for Twitch, Discord, your own website or anywhere, really. I would appreciate it if you would put out a link to me anywhere to credit me. Thank you very much and enjoy!

Download free Sprigatito Emote Pack

Please follow this link to my Ko-Fi page to download this Sprigatito Emote Pack for free!

Sprigatito is a cat grass starter Pokémon introduced in Generation IX.

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