Goodbye Mom

Goodbye to my lovely mom

The day that I knew was going to come, has come.

Note: I largely prepared this blog post in advance, knowing I wouldn’t have the energy to sit down and write out what now inevitably happened: my mom passed away.

After spending the last ten years of my dad’s life taking care of him after he had his first stroke, with him being severely disabled in the last two years of his life and ultimately passed away on January 14th, 2022, my mom spent two years dealing with cancer as well as other health issues as a result of insufficient medical help.

I could write a book about my poor mom’s last months on earth, but now, I must grieve.

A new chapter has opened up in my life. Although I intended to start a new life in The Philippines in 2019, my dad had a stroke in 2020, so I decided to stay in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, he did not get any better. As my mom’s work as a caretaker intensified, I started taking over more tasks to relieve her burden. Also keeping her company every evening while dad was already sleeping, until she would go to bed too.

My life has been a rollercoaster ride with horrible loop-the-loops in the last two and half months. I am now left with the care for two lovely cats.

I am not alone. You will hear from me again.

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