Growth Log: August

Growth Log August

Welcome to my Growth Log for August 2022. In this month, I have been producing art and uploaded a bunch of videos to the Backyard Cats YouTube Channel. I have also cleaned up my blog, deleted some categories and moved posts to different categories. Furthermore, I am in the process of splitting off a part of my interests (cats) into new social media accounts. Once I start new socials, I will add them to the growth log, of course.

Growth Log: August 2022

InspireMari.nlpersonal website

Total posts: 171 (+17)
Visitors p/day: 21 (avg. unique) (+6)


InspireMari on Twittersocial media

Total Tweets: 1898 (+37)
Followers: 188 (+2)

Visit: @inspiremari

InspireMari on Instagramart insta

Total posts: 134 (+8)
Followers: 62 (-1)

Visit: inspiremari_ig

InspireMari on YouTubearts and random

Total videos: 191 (+1)
Subscribers: 503 (+2)
Highest views: 105,628

Visit: InspireMari

InspireMari on DeviantARTart account

Deviations: 77 (+8)
Watchers: 76 (+3)
Pageviews: 19.1K (+0.1K)

Visit: inspiremari

Wholesome Tommy on Instagramcat Tommy

Total posts: 83 (+2)
Followers: 117 (+1)

Visit: @wholesome_tommy

Ricky on Instagramcat Ricky

Total posts: 23 (+1)
Followers: 53

Visit: @ricky_inspiremari

Wholesome Tommy on YouTubecat videos galore

Total videos: 65 (+18)
Subscribers: 49 (+30)
Highest views: 3.2K

Visit: Wholesome Tommy

Visits: 837