Growth Log: December

Growth Log December

The last day of the year has arrived! Here are the statistics for December. But I might reconsider my growth log for next year!

Growth Log: December 2022

InspireMari.nlpersonal website

Total posts: 223 (+13)
Visitors p/day: 34 (avg. unique)


InspireMari on Twittersocial media

Total Tweets: 2068 (+48)
Followers: 196 (-2)

Visit: @inspiremari

InspireMari on Instagramart insta

Total posts: 170 (+5)
Followers: 76

Visit: inspiremari_ig

InspireMari on YouTubearts and random

Total videos: 192
Subscribers: 503 (-1)
Highest views: 105K

Visit: InspireMari

InspireMari on DeviantARTart account

Deviations: 110 (+6)
Watchers: 81 (+2)
Pageviews: 19.4K (+0.1K)

Visit: inspiremari

Backyard Cats on YouTubecat videos galore

Total videos: 153 (+14)
Subscribers: 329 (+32)
Highest views: 13K

Visit: Backyard Cats

Visits: 76