Growth Log: June

Growth Log June

I’ve decided to publish a monthly growth log of all of my online efforts; this website, YouTube channels, Instagram Accounts, Twitter and DeviantART. I figured it would be useful as well as motivational for both myself and any other artists and online content creators who are struggling to build up their channels on the world wide web. In addition to logging how many followers or views I’ve got, I will also publish how much content I have published.

Growth Log: June 2022

InspireMari.nlpersonal website

Total posts: 143 (+15)
Visitors p/day: 18 (avg. unique)
Visitors p/week: 123 (avg. unique)


InspireMari on Twittersocial media

Total Tweets: 1839
Followers: 184 (+1)

Visit: @inspiremari

InspireMari on Instagramart insta

Total posts: 118 (+14)
Followers: 63

Visit: inspiremari_ig

InspireMari on YouTubearts and random

Total videos: 190 (+1)
Subscribers: 499 (-1)
Highest views: 105,438

Visit: InspireMari

InspireMari on DeviantARTart account

Deviations: 58 (+14)
Watchers: 72
Pageviews: 18.9K

Visit: inspiremari

Wholesome Tommy on Instagramcat Tommy

Total posts: 77
Followers: 114

Visit: @wholesome_tommy

Ricky on Instagramcat Ricky

Total posts: 20
Followers: 51

Visit: @wholesome_tommy

Wholesome Tommy on YouTubecat videos galore

Total videos: 35 (+6)
Subscribers: 9
Highest views: 172

Visit: Wholesome Tommy

Visits: 95