Growth Log: October

Growth Log October

This is my growth log for October! In this month, I have focused especially on updating my blog (cleaning up categories, updating some information) and adding new videos to the Backyard Cats YouTube Channel. I have also added a Backyard Cats page to!

I am finding it extremely difficult to get traction on my Instagram account. I am posting regularly and interact with followers and other users whose content I love on a regular basis. Hopefully this will change some time.

The Backyard Cats YouTube Channel is growing quite rapidly – at least relatively, as I am just a small #catvlogger YouTuber in this regard. I enjoy making videos and I appreciate any and all comments that are posted. I will continue to make a bigger effort to introduce Tommy and Ricky to the world!

I have looked into finding other cat vloggers to connect with, but interaction usually seems to be a one-way street when it comes to my efforts, unfortunately. For now, I have no other choice but to keep creating nice content! :-)

Growth Log: October 2022

InspireMari.nlpersonal website

Total posts: 201 (+14)
Visitors p/day: 27 (avg. unique) (+4)


InspireMari on Twittersocial media

Total Tweets: 1998 (+46)
Followers: 197 (+2)

Visit: @inspiremari

InspireMari on Instagramart insta

Total posts: 161 (+15)
Followers: 76 (+6)

Visit: inspiremari_ig

InspireMari on YouTubearts and random

Total videos: 191
Subscribers: 502 (+2)
Highest views: 105K

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InspireMari on DeviantARTart account

Deviations: 101 (+15)
Watchers: 79 (+2)
Pageviews: 19.3K (+0.1K)

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Backyard Cats on YouTubecat videos galore

Total videos: 151 (+45)
Subscribers: 225 (+79)
Highest views: 13K

Visit: Backyard Cats

Visits: 79