Growth Log: September

Growth Log September

Welcome to my Growth Log for September 2022. In this month, I have been focusing especially on my Backyard Cats youtube account. I’ve uploaded a ton of videos and I’m also experimenting with Shorts. It’s funny how some shorts seem to gain a lot of traction within a short amount of time, and then it stops. While others… not so much. The Backyard Cats youtube channel has gained a ton of new followers, and even my regular (wide-screen “normal”) videos are getting more views!

In related news, I have decided to remove the Instagram channels of the cats off of the Growth Log for now, not sure if I will continue using these accounts as I’m busy enough as it is with the YouTube channel. And of course my art. ^_^;

Growth Log: September 2022

InspireMari.nlpersonal website

Total posts: 185 (+14)
Visitors p/day: 23 (avg. unique) (+2)


InspireMari on Twittersocial media

Total Tweets: 1952 (+54)
Followers: 195 (+7)

Visit: @inspiremari

InspireMari on Instagramart insta

Total posts: 146 (+12)
Followers: 70 (+8)

Visit: inspiremari_ig

InspireMari on YouTubearts and random

Total videos: 191
Subscribers: 500 (-3)
Highest views: 105,742

Visit: InspireMari

InspireMari on DeviantARTart account

Deviations: 86 (+9)
Watchers: 77 (+1)
Pageviews: 19.2K (+0.1K)

Visit: inspiremari

Backyard Cats on YouTubecat videos galore

Total videos: 106 (+41)
Subscribers: 146 (+97)
Highest views: 13K

Visit: Wholesome Tommy

Visits: 70