Halloween (Vtuber/PNGtuber/Streamer) Assets Pack

It’s October! And that means… Halloween is coming soon! In preparation for Spooktober, I made a huge assets pack with high-resolution Halloween themed transparent PNG graphics!

These graphics come in various styles: 3D, silhouette, (semi-)cartoon style.

This Halloween Graphics Pack can be used for the following purposes…

  • Dress up your VTuber / PNGTuber
  • Decorate your Stream or Website
  • Add to your PFP on Social Media
  • Make a Personal Phone Background

…and more!

Halloween Assets Pack Contains:

All images are transparent, 2000×2000 pixels.


– Pumpkin choker (2x)
– – – cartoon style, extra lineart style

– Pumpkin with Nekomimi Witch Hat (1x)

– Candle (1x)

– Cauldron (6x)
– – – Three different angles, full 3D render and semi-cartoon style

– Horns (2x)
– – – One in brown, one in blue

– Back wings (2x)
– – – Full 3D render, semi-cartoon style

– Nekomimi witch hat (3x)
– – – Two different 3D styles, 1x cartoon style

– Pumpkin with nekomi witch hat (2x)
– – – 3D render, lineart 3D version

– Pumpkin (3x)
– – – 2 different angles, cartoon style and full 3D

– Cat and pumpkin(s) silhouette (2x)
– – – Cat with one pumpkin, cat with four pumpkins.

– Choker with chain (4x)
– – – 2x purple, 2x redish, full 3D and semi-cartoon style

– Heart with spikes deco (4x)
– – – – Full 3D and semi-cartoon, black and purple

– Bat halo (4x)
– – – – Two different angles, full 3D and semi-cartoon style


– InspireMari (inspiremari.nl) will always own the full rights to these artworks and you as the buyer of this Graphics Pack are only permitted to use them for personal use.
– This purchase is limited to 1 license per person; do not share, copy or sell.
– You may edit the files to your needs (eg. color changes, resizing, combining, adding (extra) lineart etc).
– Credit much appreciated but not required.

Download the Halloween Assets Pack:

Please go to my Ko-Fi page to download the Halloween Assets Pack!

Thank you and have a great time!

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