Hello from Bulgaria! From Bucharest to Ruse with Cats

Yes! I was able to get in touch with my host in Bulgaria and we received the check-in instructions shortly before leaving from Bucharest to Ruse. I’m glad all went well in that regard.

Our trip to Ruse by taxi went relatively smoothly. The cats did NOT enjoy getting shoved into their soft carriers again, and Tommy even managed to escape through a small window in the side of the carrier that I was unable to secure! Luckily, we were still in our Romanian apartment at that time.

You see, the cat carriers have two zippers for the front and back windows. I “locked” these windows by hooking them together with a ring. But the side window only has one zipper, so there’s nothing I can do about that.

This obviously scared me and I was afraid that Tommy would be so stupid to escape during our transfer into or out of the taxi on our trip from Bucharest to Ruse.

Luckily, the cats behave quite well once there are strange sounds and when we go outside. Other than just for a brief moment in the taxi, Tommy did not attempt to escape again.

A hard carrier would be better, but we can’t carry those with us at the moment.

Arrival in Ruse

The trip from Bucharest to Ruse takes only about 1,5 hours, with the major part still spent in Romania and at the border check. Going through border control was easy and smooth. We spent probably around 15 minutes waiting in line, and that on a Friday afternoon.

The Airbnb isn’t as fancy as we would have hoped for the amount of money we spent. We feel that the listing was somewhat deceptive. However, traveling with two cats and having a limited budget, it’s difficult to just up and leave. Where do we go? Would we get a refund? Where do we find a reliable taxi so quickly to drive us and the cats?

So we’ve decided to make the best of it. A review of our Airbnb will come later.

Cats in the Airbnb

Perhaps the cats are getting used to our transient style of living. I am basically a digital nomad at this point in my life, as I am looking for a place to stay more long term and obviously at reduced costs. An Airbnb is typically not cheap. Especially when you have certain requirements. Such as a safe location that allows cats from where they can’t escape, which typically involves a (bed)room with a door, a desk or table to work at and reliable internet.

The cats are already getting comfy. Perhaps they’re getting used to being brought to a completely different place every now and then. I wish they would remember that we’ll do our best to keep them safe and comfortable. Everything is different once again, everything is new. But in the end, we’re together. I hope that comforts them.

And I think it does, because they come up to us a lot after arriving at a new place.

As you can see in the pictures, they’re doing just fine already!

Watch the video: Bucharest to Ruse with Cats

I know the Backyard Cats YouTube Channel isn’t getting updated all too often, but it will not be forgotten. Especially major updates in our life will be compiled in videos and uploaded to the channel!

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