Hikaru Usada (Rabi~en~Rose) Di Gi Charat Fanart

It’s been a long time since I watched Di Gi Charat, but it was one of the best anime I’ve watched to date! Don’t worry, I haven’t watched that many anime, actually… I would like to watch more anime, but I simply lack the time to do so. The episodes of Di Gi Charat are short and sweet. And super entertaining! Naturally I fell in love with the character design of Hikaru Usada (Rabi~en~Rose), a self-proclaimed idol in the anime series and Dejiko’s rival. I had to make some fanart of Hikaru Usada!

If you love anime and especially kawaii anime, I definitely recommend giving Di Gi Charat a go.

There is also Reiwa no Di Gi Charat, I haven’t watched it yet but I sure plan to when I can!

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