How to Make a Pillow in Blender (SHORT & EASY)

For a bedroom scene I am working on in Blender, I needed to make a pillow. Luckily, it’s very easy to make a pillow in Blender! I’ll be happy to introduce you to a couple of short and quick steps to follow. Let’s go!

Make a Pillow in Blender

Note: I am using Blender version 3.5 to make a pillow. I do not guarantee that the steps are as easy to follow in another version of Blender. These are the steps:

  1. Create a plane and subdivide it horizontally and vertically 20 times
  2. Extrude the plane just a little bit and add a loop cut in the middle, see image above
  3. Now go to the Physics Properties tab and choose ‘Cloth’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Pressure’ and set it to 5
  5. Scroll further down to ‘Field weights’ and set ‘Gravity’ to 0
  6. Now press Spacebar or click on ‘Play animation’ in your Timeline
    Your pillow is formed right in front of your eyes! Playing with the Pressure setting changes how fast your pillow forms into shape

After your pillow has formed, go to Object -> Convert -> Mesh to convert your pillow to mesh. See image above.

Now you can manipulate your pillow as you wish. For example, I made mine a bit flatter and wider. Then I added a Subdivision Modifier (set to 2) and applied Object -> Shade Smooth. Also, I duplicated the pillow because I want two on this king sized bed! :D

That was it! That’s how to make a pillow in Blender very easily. As a last tip, you can change the shape of your pillow in Sculpt mode, which is also what I did, so that both of the pillows do not look the exact same. :-)

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