How to record computer sounds with Audacity

record audio from computer with audacity

Alright, so I decided I want to be able to record sounds that can be played on my computer with the free to download program Audacity. The sounds that I want to record are ONLY the sounds coming from my computer, so anything that I can play in the web browser or videos, music, games etc.

I’ve figured out that it is possible to record computer sounds with Audacity, but while looking into this, I soon figured out I was missing a key component… the option called Stereo Mix for recording. My laptop does not have this, so I had to find a workaround. Turns out it’s no problem, it takes literally less than 2 minutes to record computer sounds with Audacity without Stereo Mix!

Record computer sounds with Audacity WITHOUT Stereo Mix

This is how you record the sounds coming from your computer using the free program Audacity. Please note, this tutorial is based on Windows 7 usage.

Step 1

If you haven’t downloaded and installed Audacity yet, please do so.

Step 2

Record computer sounds with Audacity

Open up Audacity. Now you will need to navigate to the recording options. Please see the screenshot. Click on the dropdown menu that says ‘MME’ and select ‘Windows WASAPI’.

Step 3

Record computer sounds with Audacity

Then select your recording and recording device and playback device. In my case, my recording device is the Internal Microphone and the playback device are my laptop’s built-in speakers. If you are using headphones, you can select headphones.

That’s it!

That is all that is required to record computer sounds wit Audacity. Try it out!