How to remove the style picker in Cubecart (AMZIN skin)

CubeCart how to remove the style picker

I work with the free Cubecart skin called AMZIN and to optimize the eCommerce shop I’m developing, I’m making a couple of changes.

Today, I want to remove the style picker that is shown at the bottom of my page. It’s very easy to remove that button overlay that gives the option for your users to change the skin on your website built with Cubecart.

I am using Cubecart version 6.5.1.

If you’re wondering how to remove the style picker in Cubecart, you will need to open the following document:


In this document, remove this line:

{include file=’templates/box.skins.php’}

And that will do the trick! Have fun editing your AMZIN skin for Cubecart.

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