I Tried Donkey Milk in Romania

Inky pinky ponky, daddy bought a donkey~ ♬ …and milked it to make donkey milk. O_O

I’ve basically been trying out all the supermarkets here in Bucharest. Kaufland, Auchan, Mega Image, Penny… and then I found an item that read ‘Magarita’, or, ‘Lapte de magarita’ (“donkey milk” in Romanian) in Auchan.

Being curious, I bought the bottle of lapte de magarita!

I’ve never seen donkey milk for sale before. But here in Romania, it is apparently also sold in pharmacies. Supposedly drinking the milk of this animal has health benefits. They say: Donkey milk is similar to human breast milk in that it is low in casein and more concentrated in whey. Donkey milk may be a better tolerated substitute for people allergic to cow’s milk proteins, although it still contains casein and lactose.

Donkey milk review

The bottle of donkey milk was around 6 euros. It contained 250 ML and only 0,5% fat. Produced in Romania. The consistency of the milk was rather thin. I think it tasted somewhat like rice milk – a bit sweet. It’s not a bad milk flavor-wise, not at all. But it does not taste like cow milk or goat milk. So if you’re curious about it, drinking a bit of lapte de magarita will surely be an interesting experience!

What is donkey milk good for?

According to WebMD: “Donkey milk is considered a “pharma food” because it has such notable health effects. Research has shown that it can boost immune function, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation in lab studies. It may even reduce symptoms of type II diabetes.”

If you’re wondering whether this type of milk is medicinal, this is what the National Institute of Health has to say: “Hippocrates (460–370 BC.), the father of medicine, was the first to describe the medicinal virtues of donkey milk. He prescribed donkey milk for numerous ailments, such as liver problems, edemas, nosebleeds, poisonings, infectious diseases, the healing of sores, and fevers.”

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