In Memory of Trickster Online

Trickster Online is a free-to-play 2D fantasy MMORPG developed by Ntreev Soft, released in 2006 in the USA. As of Feb 27, 2013 5:30PM (PST), the servers of Trickster Online have been shut down.

Goodbye Trickster Online

My Trickster Online History

I started playing the game back in August 2007. Trickster Online is the first MMORPG I had ever played. I found out about it through a forum post by RydiaChaCha on The thread had several screenshots of the beginner area (Blooming Cora) of the game in it. The art was very appealing to me, it was a very cute and colorful style, and although I didn’t know about all the things that were visible in the screenshot at that point (Party Participant list, hot keys, general UI), I immediately went over to the official website, signed up and downloaded the game.
Upon starting the game, I was presented with several characters I could choose from. I felt like creating a character that visibly reminded me the most of myself, so it was going to be a choice between the cat (model) or the fox (archeologist). I chose the cat and named her Oyomesan (‘bride’ in Japanese). I joined the Fantasia server.

I played Trickster Online daily from the start, and even got my boyfriend into it as well (he played a dragon and a lion). I’ve met amazing people in the game, but amazing is really an understatement. In fact, I simply can not express in words what my time in Trickster Online means to me.
However, I think the game started changing about a year or two later, due to many of my friends quitting, and some getting banned. But even then, I still had fun by myself. I enjoyed gathering items and selling them to make money, so I could buy fuses, especially hats. I loved hats and I loved dressing up my characters, especially my main character.

As time progressed, Trickster Online changed. There were good changes, and bad changes. I started playing less frequently, mostly because the game didn’t have much new to offer every update. However, I still checked back frequently. The game, the memories, and especially my characters always meant a lot to me.
Sadly, one day when checking my (inactive) Facebook newsfeed, I noticed the message by Trickster Online USA about TO’s servers getting closed on 2/27/2013. I know a lot of people saw it coming, and I am not sure whether I did, but I didn’t want it to happen. Not to Trickster Online. Ever.
Of course, it’s “only” a game, and I will get over it, but I can not deny that it hurts me that all my memories are shut down along with the servers.
It helps that I started playing Trickster Online very infrequently. If I don’t think about it, it doesn’t affect me. But if I look at my characters, my screenshots, my memories, I feel sadness.
However, I am happy with my memories. Trickster Online will for always stay in my heart.

My Trickster Characters

I have many characters, but I’ll only list the ones I’ve played the most.

My Trickster character Oyomesan


Level: 252
Job: Primadonna
My first, my favorite and most played character.
Oyomesan is my first character, and my favorite to play.
I’ve spent most of my time playing with Oyomesan, dressing her up, exploring, helping other players, etc.

Trickster bunny Schoolgirl


Level: 142
Job: Duelist
My 4114 bunny, dear Anilia. I initially started her on my main account, then deleted her to make room for a fox (Mystri), and recreated her on another account, with another cat (Deceiver).
I’ve had lots of fun chatting with people in my parties in Path to Snowfield, before the map changed.

(Image Unavailable)


Level: 160
Job: Witch
My amazing AP sheep. Using elemental equipment, leveling up this pure AP 4411 sheep has been lots of fun. The best part is the ability to self heal, and heal other players. Disadvantages were low WT and low MA, naturally.

Trickster Fox Archeologist


Level: 181
Job: Thief Master
My lovely fox.
Mystri was my latest serious character.
A 4141 pure AP fox, she was a pleasure to use with elemental equipment, and I’ve used her lots for (AFK) drilling.

Trickster Cat Model


Level: 160
Job: Diva
A 1144 mix build cat mainly created for GVG purposes, although, due to a lack of proper (MyShop) equipment, hardly useful.
However, it has been a lot of fun to use her for leveling up, and getting 3rd job was a breeze.

R.I.P. Trickster Online
Forever in My Heart

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