It’s Ricky’s Birthday!

It's Ricky's Birthday today!

Today is Ricky’s birthday. Our naughty little girl is now two years old. This is a young age, but she has had enough time to achieve a couple of things! Such as:

– Never listening when being told “No!” or “Don’t!”

– Destroying a couple of chairs

– Pooping in planters

– Chewing cables (luckily not so often >_<)

– Drinking from (our) cups and glasses

– Throwing down pills and medication

– Wanting to drink water from the faucet at midnight

On the bright side, unlike Tommy, she has never attempted to run out the front door. So far. :D

May Ricky live a long and healthy life. I will surely do my best to take care of her in the best way that I can!

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