Kawaii App Game Review: Idle Ghost Hotel (Clicker Game)

Welcome to Idle Ghost Hotel, a kawaii app game where you take charge of serving a diverse range of ghost guests to maximize your profits. Your task is to satisfy each guest’s unique requests to earn tips. Don’t forget, happy guests mean better tips! As you progress, don’t forget to hire a manager for that extra helping hand.

In Idle Ghost Hotel, your goal is to expand your hotel upwards by reinvesting your profits. Be prepared – costs and interior quality increase significantly with each new floor. The higher you go, the more guests and profits await you.

On top of that, this cute app game also features a restaurant where you can whip up delicious cuisines to delight your ghost guests. Merge similar desserts to create cute new varieties. And with facilities like a spa, gym, dance hall, cafe, and more, your guests will have a hauntingly good time.

Kawaii App Idle Ghost Hotel: My Opinion

This app game was very overwhelming for me. I found that a lot of information was thrown at me at once, with new things to learn popping up before even finishing the previous things.

I also think that the game requires a lot of manual management, despite offering automated helpers. For the duration of my gameplay, I did not get the cozy idle game feeling that I was looking for.

Moreover, I was constantly bombarded with pop-ups for bonuses in exchange for real money and watching ads. Normally, I will utilize the bonuses in exchange for watching long, full screen ads, but this app game just didn’t motivate me to do so.

I encountered no lag or glitches while playing Idle Ghost Hotel. But it did have some issues with its English translation. Some things just threw me off, like: “Try combining left cooking to right cooking” (what it meant was: combine the cookie on the right with the cookie on the left).

The game does feature super cute graphics, cute sounds and sound effects and cute characters, but unfortunately I actually felt the opposite of entertained and relaxed while playing this idle clicker game. Although it is super cute, I just didn’t have the patience to sit around and wait for it to become more relaxing and idle – as the name promised.

I’ve played many idle games throughout the years, but this kawaii app game simply is not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the game is rubbish – it just isn’t my type of idle game. If you think you’re up for the challenge, don’t hesitate to download this cute app game from the Play Store and give it a whirl. You may end up loving it a lot more than I did, and that would be great!

Idle Ghost Hotel: In short

If you’re looking for an idle clicker game with cute graphics that is nice and relaxing, Idle Ghost Hotel is, in my opinion, is not your game. However, if you’re looking for a cute mobile game and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves from the start, do give Idle Ghost Hotel a try!

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