Kawaii App Review: CatMart Purrfect Tycoon

Cat Mart is a cute little grocery market, staffed exclusively by cats and for other cats! The cats in this cute app game are 2D animated creatures with kawaii expressions and behavior.

Inside the Cat Mart, organic vegetables and juicy fruits are cultivated and processed into various delicious foods. Kawaii little kitty customers come in to purchase your harvests and products.

As the player of this cute app game, it is your task to manage the Cat Mart. You harvest fruits and vegetables and bring them to their designated tables, or to designated machines that process the produce into a new product.

As you are playing, little kitty customers come in for their daily grocery shopping and pick up the items they need, and then go to the cash register. If an item is low on stock or out of stock, the kitty customers will patiently wait until it is back in stock. At least – I have not seen any customer cats leaving the Cat Mart out of anger or annoyance due to an item being out of stock.

Throughout the game, you get helper kitties to stock up and harvest fruits and vegetables, and you can unlock a manager for 10 minutes by watching an ad. You’ll love the manager – machines keep breaking and your staff keeps falling asleep, so you’ll need his help for repairs and for waking up the kitty workers!

Cat Mart: Purrfect Tycoon is an idle clicker style game with a super kawaii art style.

Kawaii App Game CatMart: My Opinion

I don’t play a whole lot of mobile games, but when I do choose to install one, it has to be a cute app game. Usually I opt for idle clicker games, like this one. CatMart: Purrfect Tycoon stands out as one of the cutest and most kawaii app games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. The moment I launched the game, I was instantly charmed by the adorable cat designs. However not only the cats are cute, the entire game is riddled with kawaii style graphics and art!

A great attention to detail in this cute app game is the sweet little sounds that the kittens make when you wake them up. It’s a small touch, but it adds to the overall kawaii feel that I seek in app games.

The kitties themselves are simply irresistible, and I can’t help but smile every time I interact with them. It’s like having a virtual army of charming furballs at your fingertips. Plus, their foot steps sounds are really cute as well!

Of course, no game is without its quirks, and this idle game is no exception. The unexpected ads can be quite annoying, especially when you’re fully immersed in the world of these cute cats.

Another issue I’ve encountered is that after watching a few ads or advancing to a new stage, the game occasionally freezes. To clarify, the visuals keep moving, but I lose control over my cat, and I’m unable to click on any in-game buttons. It’s a minor hiccup, but one worth noting.

Despite the inconvenience of the forced ads, my experience with this cute app game has been positive.

If you’re a fan of cute cat games, this one is an absolute must-try. The charm of the cats, their cute sounds, and the overall kawaii aesthetic make it a delightful addition to the world of mobile games. Give it a play and prepare to be charmed!

CatMart: The Negatives

Although I’ve already mentioned most of the negative aspects of this idle clicker game, here is a quick list of the negatives you can expect during your gameplay:

  • Controls stopped working after promotion to the next stage, required me to restart the app.
  • Controls stopped working after clicking around in the menus, required restart.
  • Controls can be iffy – it’s sometimes difficult to get your cat to walk to where you want it to go, or to get it to not drop off the items at the wrong place.
  • As soon as I reached stage 2, I was presented with long ads every couple of minutes. This severely impacts the gameplay and fun while playing.
  • Manager is essential but after the first stage, must be unlocked with ads. This becomes an additional headache as the manager lasts only 10 minutes, so after every 10 minutes of gameplay you must watch an ad again to unlock him, while you’re already presented with ads every couple of minutes. Manager essential because workers keep falling asleep and machines keep breaking down.

What is a tycoon game?

A tycoon game, short for “business tycoon,” is a simulation game genre that challenges players to build and manage their own business empire. In these games, you typically start with limited resources and must make strategic decisions to grow your enterprise. The gameplay often involves aspects of resource management, finance, and development. Success is measured by the growth and profitability of your business.

What is an idle game?

An idle clicker game, also known as an incremental game or clicker game, is a game genre where the primary gameplay mechanic involves repeatedly clicking on the screen or tapping a button to accumulate in-game currency or points. These games often feature a simple and repetitive interface, with minimal player interaction beyond clicking.

The unique aspect of idle clicker games is that they allow progress to continue even when you’re not actively playing.

CatMart: Purrfect Tycoon – Last Words

CatMart Purrfect Tycoon is a very cute and easy to get into idle game. The graphics of this app are in a super kawaii style, and if you love cats, you will certainly feel compelled to install the game to try it out. It’s entertaining and relaxing to play at first, but this cute app game does get quite hectic very quickly, as most benefits are unlocked through real money, or through watching long ads, where watching the long ads for benefits to the idle game wouldn’t have been so bad, if it weren’t for the crazy amount of ads that are thrown in your face every couple of minutes while playing this game.

If you like the kawaii graphics of this app game, do give it a go and see for yourself if it’s worth continuing to play for free or even purchase the game.

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