Kawaii Beest (Looks Like a Furby?!)

Kawaii 2D drawing of a cute animal that looks like a Furby by inspiremari.nl

Today I am sharing with you this random animal – I like to call it a ‘beest’! It means ‘animal’ or ‘beast’ in Dutch. It’s supposed to a kawaii looking animal, but I think it resembles a Furby a little bit and I’m not so sure what to think of it!

In all honesty, this drawing was for practicing drawing (cute) animals. I am very happy wiith how the eyes and coloring in general turned out, but I can’t help but see a Furby in it!

At least I do think my drawing looks cuter than a Furby… I always wanted one as a kid, but now I’m not so sure anymore. ^_^;

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