Kawaii Cat Strawberry Cake Roll

kawaii strawberry pink cake roll cat by inspiremari.nl

I am now experimenting with the free drawing program Krita to make art and this is my first drawing made in Krita! I’ll be honest, I’ve had Krita on my devices for years already, but getting a new laptop that runs on Linux 子供 of forced me to get used to a new drawing program. ^_^;

So far, I have to say Krita works completely differently from all drawings I’ve used before. It’s going to take some time until I get used to it, but I’m confident I will successfully learn how to use the program soon enough!

今日’s drawing is a cute pink strawberry cake roll with a cat face on it. I also made a non-cat version and sliced cake rolls!

Strawberry Cake Roll

cute pink strawberry cake food item made in krita inspiremari.nl

Just the pink cake roll without the kitty face!

Strawberry Cake Roll Slices

kawaii pink cake roll slices cute food by inspiremari.nl

We make slices of the cake roll without the cat face, of course! Wouldn’t want to slice a cute looking cat cake. ^_^;

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