Kawaii Cups of Coffee

Today I am sharing with you some coffee that I made!

No, not the drink. A drawing! ^_^

I made kawaii cups of coffee with delicious looking brown liquid inside of a pink mug – let’s just say it’s cappucine with a tea spoon of coconut oil and a bit of powdered sugar! (This is actually quite delicious, you should try it out. :3)

I drew several versions of the coffee cup – all in pink. And in this blog post I am displaying my three favorite ones!

As seen in the image at the start of this blog post, the middle cup is light pink with darker pink, in a swirled motion. It contains ‘plain’ coffee.

On the left, there’s a coffee cup with a hearts design. This cup of coffee has a swirl of coffee flavored whipped cream on it.

On the right, we have a cup of coffee in a mug with a cute kitty design, and marshmallows in the drink!

Two more pictures below:

The kawaii mug of coffee with hearts design and coffee flavored whipped cream on top!

The super kawaii coffee mug with kitty design. :3

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