Kawaii Dessert Bunpup

Kawaii Fantasy Animal called Bunpup a closed species designed by inspiremari

This kawaii dessert bunpup is a cross between a bunny and a puppy! It is a Kawaii Fantasy Creature with the body of a super cute puppy and the ears of an adorable bunny. This bunpup is covered in delicious strawberry glazing with sprinkles on top. It has sparkly blue eyes and happy green and yellow colors.

The bunpup closed species was created and designed by InspireMari to put a smile on your face. ^_^

Buy Kawaii Dessert Fantasy Animal: POD

Kawaii Fantasy Animal Tote Bag designed by InspireMari

If you like my original design and animal character species, you can purchase Print on Demand products with this design from my RedBubble Shop. Any purchases made through my shop directly support my artistic efforts, thank you! I’m happy to make you smile with my art. ^_^

Kawaii Fantasy Animal Mouse Pad designed by InspireMari

Pictured above: Mouse Pad with my cute fantasy creature on it. This mousepad will make it easier for you to move your mouse while using your computer or laptop.

Kawaii Fantasy Animal Hardcover Journal designed by InspireMari

Pictured above: Hardcover Journal with my Kawaii Fantasy Creature, “Bunpup” dessert animal on it. It has extra space available for you to add customized stickers or writing on both the front as well as on the back of the journal.

Kawaii Fantasy Animal Magnet designed by InspireMari

Pictured above: An image of a magnet with my Kawaii Fantasy Creature on it. You can add a magnet to your fridge, or on your radiator/heating.

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