Kawaii Faces: Mokona, Kerberos, Pen Pen, Artemis, Clefairy

Kawaii faces art of cute anime characters by inspiremari.nl

I would like to share with you a couple of kawaii faces I’ve made a while ago! In fact… I started this project a couple of years ago. I wanted to create a bunch of kawaii faces of famous/recognizable anime characters. With a simple, but cute art style. However, things got in the way and the project was put on the back burner…

Today, I decided to publish the kawaii faces I’ve made so far!

Kawaii face of Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearh

Kawaii Face: Mokona

Mokona is an enchanting and kawaii creature from the anime and manga series “Magic Knight Rayearth” created by CLAMP. Hailing from the fantastical world of Cephiro, Mokona accompanies the three heroines on their magical quest. With its round, adorable appearance and whimsical expressions, Mokona provides comic relief and essential guidance to the protagonists. Its ability to sense and manipulate magic adds depth to the story’s mystique. Mokona’s distinctive charm and loyalty make it an iconic sidekick, endearing itself to both characters and fans alike in the captivating realm of “Magic Knight Rayearth.”

Kawaii face of Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearh

Kawaii Face: Keroberos

Keroberos, also referred to as Kerberos or Kero-chan in the “Cardcaptor Sakura” anime series (CCS), is a kawaii and loyal guardian beast. With his plush-like appearance and witty personality, Keroberos adds a charming and endearing touch to the show. Despite his small size, he possesses immense magical power and serves as a guide and mentor to Sakura, the protagonist. Keroberos aids Sakura in her journey to capture Clow Cards, showcasing his unwavering support and protective nature. His interactions with Sakura and his mischievous antics make him a beloved character, bringing both warmth and humor to the magical world of CCS.

Kawaii face of Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearh

Kawaii Face: Pen Pen

Pen Pen, the adorable warm-water penguin from the anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (NGE), is the epitome of kawaii quirkiness. Amidst the complex and often dark narrative, Pen Pen stands out as a delightful and unexpected presence. Residing with Misato Katsuragi, his comedic antics and endearing interactions inject moments of lightheartedness into the show. Beyond his cuteness, Pen Pen’s role as a pet and companion offers a unique contrast to the psychological themes of NGE. He’s a feathered reminder that even in the midst of existential turmoil, a touch of kawaii charm can brighten the most enigmatic worlds.

Kawaii face of Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearh

Kawaii Face: Clefairy

Rather than drawing Pikachu, I decided to draw Clefairy! Clefairy is a beloved species from the Pokémon anime series, and embodies the essence of kawaii in its charming demeanor. With its soft, round features and pink color, Clefairy captures the hearts of trainers and fans alike. Known for its affinity for moonlight dances, Clefairy’s innocence and magical aura make it an iconic symbol of the Pokémon universe.

Kawaii face of Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearh

Kawaii Face: Artemis

Artemis is a character in “Sailor Moon,” a cute anime series. He’s a wise cat who helps Sailor Venus. With his white fur and moon symbol, he looks adorable. Artemis guides the Sailor Guardians and gives them advice. He’s serious most of the time, but sometimes he’s playful too, which makes him even cuter. Artemis shows how a character can be both sweet and important to the story, making fans really like him.

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