Kawaii Tamagotchi (animated)

Pixel art kawaii tamagotchi pink and purple

Today I made a simple pixel art style tamagotchi with a simple blog/slime-like creature on its screen. To top it off, the little creature pooped on the screen!

Do you remember the tamagotchi?

These pocket-sized virtual pets took the world by storm when they were first introduced in the late 1990s. Created by Bandai, Tamagotchis became an instant sensation, captivating both kids and adults alike with their adorable charm and unique concept.

Tamagotchis were small, egg-shaped devices with a simple, pixelated screen that displayed a tiny creature requiring your care and attention. Players had to feed, play with, and tend to their virtual pet’s needs to ensure it grew up healthy and happy. Neglecting your Tamagotchi could lead to its demise, tugging at your heartstrings as you watched your beloved digital companion meet its virtual end. For this reason, a lot of moms were tasked with taking care of their child’s tamagotchi while the kid was at school, including my mom. ^_^;

Pixel art kawaii tamagotchi pink and purple

I made this kawaii tamagotchi art in Paint, edited and animated it in GIMP. Here is a picture of the coloring progress:

Steps to making tamagotchi pixel art

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