Kyanite Dawn – Contest Entry

Kyanite Dawn Contest Entry by InspireMari

My entry for Crystalized Feather Dragon Art Contest, hosted by KyaniteDawn. This artworks depicts her vTuber. I entered the art contest both via Twitter and GaiaOnline, with the same image.

A vTuber, or Virtual YouTuber, is an online content creator who uses a virtual character or avatar to engage with their audience. They livestream or upload videos to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or others, portraying their character through real-time voice acting, gestures, and facial expressions. vTubers can be individuals or part of talent agencies, and they offer a range of content such as gaming, talk shows, and music performances. Originating in Japan, the vTuber trend has gained global popularity, attracting viewers who enjoy the interactive and entertaining nature of these virtual personalities.

I wanted to take this opportunity to get some good drawing practice once again! It had been a long time since I drew fullbody anime style art! I spent well over a week on this piece of art and put a lot of details into the coloring and shading.

Since I started with the character, the background art came last. I did spend a good couple of days trying out different styles and colors for the background. Ultimately, I ended up with this and I’m pretty happy with it!

Detail close-ups

vTuber KyaniteDawn close-up art
A close-up of the face. You can see the details on the horns, as well as the necklace and crystals. KyaniteDawn’s vTuber has beautiful pink to blue gradient fingernails!

vTuber KyaniteDawn close-up fanart
As we go down, we can see the details of her clothes and outfit in general.

vTuber KyaniteDawn close-up fanart by inspiremari
Lastly, we can see the details of the footwear, as well as the reflection in the crystal-like background!

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