Lost Your Cat? Here Are Some Useful Tips!

In this article, I will be sharing some useful tips for finding a lost cat. It is needless to say that having your cat run away is a distressing experience for any pet owner, especially if your indoor cat escapes. Although Tommy has ran out the door a couple of times before, we were always quick to catch him again. Ricky has tried to escape our backyard before, but was caught on time. We also had a previous indoor cat that was only allowed in our backyard, and she managed to escape twice. Luckily the first time, my brother was able to grab her and the second time she jumped back into the garden on her own volition. From the roof of our shed – almost 2 and a half meters tall!

Tips For Finding A Lost Cat

If you lost your cat, here are some useful tips. Let’s begin at the beginning:

When to search

Cats often hide nearby when they are lost, especially in quiet hours between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Allocate at least 2-3 hours to search continuously for your pet. Lost kittens usually seek shelter in the closest hiding spots they can find and stay there. As time passes and they become hungry, they venture out in the evening to look for food.

What to bring & where to look

When searching at night, start from the nearest point where your cat was lost. Always carry a flashlight! Illuminate every inaccessible place such as holes, shafts, cellars, under cars, bushes, basically anywhere they could hide. A cat’s eyes glow in the dark when illuminated, making them easier to spot. Check each spot thoroughly each time you go out. Dress in clothing suitable for getting dirty and be prepared to check under cars; this is crucial.

Expand your search perimeter gradually, but start anew every time you go out again! Call out their name, but understand that this might not always help. Fear may prevent your cat from responding, even if they are close by. Therefore, thoroughly search every hiding spot multiple times.

Drop something familiar

Take a bit of used litter from the litter box and spread its contents around the area where your cat was lost. You can also leave an item of your clothing that your cat is familiar with, such as a toy or scratching post. And of course: put up posters with a picture of your cat and its distinctive features.

Don’t lose hope – patience is key

The most important thing is not to despair! Your cat relies solely on you, so be brave for its sake. Persistence is key; don’t give up! Sometimes, a lost kitten is found within a day, but in other cases, it may take weeks. If your cat hasn’t been taken by someone or harmed (which is less likely since they are scared and hiding), your cat will be found.

Move every object, board, bucket, or barrel that can be moved and look behind them. Due to stress, a cat may not recognize your voice, so don’t expect that calling your cat’s name will make him or her come rushing to you like a dog would. Instead, keep moving and looking behind objects.

Just because the cat wasn’t behind a certain object yesterday doesn’t mean it won’t be there now. Within a 10-15 meter radius of where the cat was lost, place 5-6 plastic plates with 1-2 spoonfuls of cat pate (Purina pates work well), Felix pouches, or shredded cooked chicken.

These are aromatic foods that cats can smell and as a result, he or she might come out to eat. Spread the food over 2-3 meters and sit where you can see all the plates, waiting to see if the cat appears to eat.

Approaching your cat

When you see your cat, don’t rush towards it, as it might scare it and make it hide again or run away.

Approach slowly, calmly, with a spoonful of food and speak softly. But if you see that the cat is tense and preparing to run away, stop, leave the food on the ground in front of you, and step back 2-3 steps. Your cat is currently very stressed, so give it time to get used to you and recognize you.

Good Luck Finding Your Cat!

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon my article randomly and you wanted to read the tips just in case you’d need them in the future. I hope you’ll never need them! If you’ve lost your cat, I sincerely hope you’ll find him or her in good health again. Be patient. There is a good chance your cat will come back. It could be within a day, it could be in a couple of days. It could even be in a couple of weeks. Don’t give up hope!

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