Maybe I’m Not Going to The Philippines After All…

Maybe I can't go to The Philippines after all

I do not know where to even begin describing the challenges I’ve been running into as I’m trying to move to The Philippines.

With little time to grief over the death of both of my parents in less than one and a half year time, I’ve spent the last five months sorting out not only my own belongings, but also my parents’.

Difficult decisions have been made on what I wanted to save and what I would throw away, give away, or sell. Needless to say, I had to get rid of a lot of stuff of my parents. And moreover, I don’t want to hold onto everything, clinging to a time that is now part of the past. I’m going to start a new chapter in my life.

I’m going to the Philippines!

…Or. Not?

All boxes are ready to be shipped tomorrow. I’ve got the flight tickets, paid for the cats, the cats got their pet passports, health certificates and import permit. But there is one tiny detail missing…

I don’t have a transit permit yet.

According to MAQIS Malaysia, I am required to apply for a transit permit for our 1 hour and 20 minute stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

I applied. I sent them the photos of my cats, their vaccination and deworming records, my passport, flight number, ticket & booking number and my address.

I haven’t heard from them for a day.

It’s very simple: even though I highly doubt that anyone in Malaysia is going to check on these papers, I am not risking my cats boarding a plane without the papers I was told to bring.

If I do not receive the transit permit, I won’t fly to The Philippines. After the 29th, my cats’ legalized documents will no longer be valid. In three weeks, I will be homeless.

Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up with a transit permit for Malaysia in my inbox.

Otherwise, I will probably call the Embassy of Malaysia in my country to ask for help, but I’m sure I’ll just be directed back to MAQIS Malaysia instead.

If there is no help… Then my dream of going to The Philippines with my cats will be shattered and I will have to rapidly find a housing solution somewhere while figuring out what to do next. With only a bunch of clothes, a couple of emotionally valuable trinkets, my phone and my laptop in my bags.

Because all of my belongings will ultimately be in The Philippines. Because I planned to be there.

Just to reiterate: as both of my parents have passed away, I am forced to move out of their rental home. This is unfortunately the law in my country.

I had contacted an institution for some temporary help, but received no reply.

I’m on my own. But I’m not alone.

Everything will be okay.

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