Moving to the Philippines has been Cancelled

Flight to the Philippines Cancelled

Even though we finally received the transit permit for my two cats, unfortunately something else came up, which would make it almost impossible to catch our flight on Friday. In addition to the fact that the delay in receiving the transit permit caused some issues as well.

With that, the documents that we had would no longer be valid if we rescheduled our flight.

Although The Philippines is definitely still on the menu, for now, we have decided to go to Eastern Europe.

As much as I love Asia, I also really like Europe, but especially Eastern Europe. I’ve tried learning some Eastern European languages before but never pulled through. This time, I’m definitely going to give it my everything to study the language of the country. Not only that, I also want to really get to know the culture and a bit of the history.

Maybe it’s a good idea to start with out a bit closer to home, and go to The Philippines at a later time.

That doesn’t mean I’m not sad about not going to The Philippines, but I’m honestly excited about going to Eastern Europe.

It has not been an easy decision, but at any rate, I’m dedicated to make the best of the situation.

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